Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On flight to Kota Kinabalu again...

This is my third trip to KK this month alone. Hmmm... Come to think of it, could be fourth trip in 2 months period. Yup yup... Twice on MAS and twice again on AirAsia. Surely those who have flown with AirAsia would agree with me that the Low Cost Carrier Terminal, as they call it, is more like a high class Bus Terminal. Just as their motto says it, Now Everyone Can Fly, truly u can find almost all types of people at their Terminal. Kind of good place to just people watch...

Sure there is a big difference with being in KLIA and LCCT... Still the walk path to the plane gave me an (illegal) opportunity to get this shot.

Note that the pic has been edited using PSmobile.

As I was saying... This being my third trip to KK this month. Where two of it is for work purpose. Now the more interesting trip was to attend the Garden Wedding of Chee Heng and Joveyn. Which was held at Sutera Harbour Resorts. Finally after all the hype I've been hearing and photos of this place, finally I get to stay there and I stayed there for free. You see, Chee Heng not only paid for our rooms in Sutera Harbour but he also paid for our flight tickets on MAS.

Why ?? All cause we are part of his Heng tai team aka Pink Tie... aka Pinn Tai. Well kind of uniform lor. He bought pink ties for all of us.

Hensume mou ???

That photo was a screen capture extracted from works by Mayad Studios from the Philippines. Who I was later told to be the few best wedding videographers in the world. But I guess it is true, since they were paid platinum premium price for their works.

Now... A trip with all guys... There is bound to be loads of fun and more important food !!! The 2 main makan places that I will never forget is Little Italy and Wan Wan. Yup... People might think crazy come KK and eat Italian food. But as hell, they are good ! Was told that Little Italy is listed or featured on Lonely Planet. Which is the reason why half of the customers are kwai lous.

Took me awhile to understand the menu actually. Thankfully Yoke, who played host for this KK trip, ordered everything for us.

This place is really that damn good ! Just last week I went back there again for me dinner.

I'm hoping that you people are reading until this point... For the next place worth to recommend is Wan Wan. This place is totally and completely all fish !

If you look closely on the menu, both left and right are filled with advertisement. I kid u not ! This really shows how popular this place is. I wonder if I get the chance to whack another 2 bowls of their fish fillet and fish cake, drowned in their version of spicy tom yum soup.

Too bad they are closed by 2pm, if not mistaken. Which only means that I can't go there for dinner later when I land in KK.

There is just so much more to KK that is yet to explore, especially the food division. I so wanna try their famous pork noodles. Maybe I should call Yoke for directions. Right now... I've got no clue of what to eat.

Think I'll end this blog posting with the view over breakfast at Sutera Harbour. Oh... I do need to add that there are many tourists from Japan and Korea, in this hotel. Probably in KK....

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Working trip to Kota Kinabalu

It truly been a long while since there been any posting. Busy ? Somewhat... Life been great especially with the new Ford Focus TDCi, which is a whole story on it's own.

I am currently on flight to Kota Kinabalu, all for just a meeting at 9am tomorrow morning. Which is not even my project to handle but let's not go there.

Anyhow... Looking forward to a great nite in KK. Meeting up with another Focus kaki...

As for now... Dinner is served.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Weekend in Miri

Where do I start ?? I was sent to Brunei actually for work, site visit for an upcoming tender. Landed in Brunei on Tuesday evening and then it was work work work for the next 2 days. As was duely warned Bandar is pretty much a quiet town. And it truly lived up to it's expectation. So pretty much isn't anything to talk about ya...

Well since I was in Brunei, decided to make a trip to Miri. Thankfully a dear friend Yoke is working there and it coincide with the long Good Friday and Easter, so the perfect long weekend holiday.

Before we left Brunei, first was Japanese dinner. Note that I'm not actually much of a Jap food lover. But still seafood being fresh there, so why not la. Plus the pic that Kok Jeong took of the sashimi there. So it is a must try...

Excapde sushi... We sat at the err... Counter with the literally train sushi. Yeah woii.. I was so fasinated with toy train carrying the sushi dishes. Unlike the converyor belt that we have here in Malaysia.

Then came our salmon sashimi... Like wow, checkout those chunky cuts.

As I said I am not a jap food lover but damn those salmon sashimi was good ! Fresh like hot buns out from the oven. So good that we had 2 servings of those. Of course there were other food as well... We were stuffed. All ready for the remaining drive to Miri.

The next 3 nights and 3 days was truly a good experience. Food was great... Of course all different kind of food. Nasi lalapan was truly an experience, sambal belacan with ulam, white rice and I chose ikan tengiri. Of course gotto eat with hands le and darn the smell of the belacan lingers on the finger for, well... 2 days. There were many other food of course... All well planned out by Yoke. Thanks man...

It has truly been a long while since I went out partying like totally all out. All 3 nites in Miri was totally for partying. With work and not much of kaki to go. Mostly just too tired out from work. Being away gives all the right reason to party !

First nite was totally smashing... Quite a big group of guys. Not even sure who is who. As much as I wanted to control my alcohol intake, but just layan lor. First shit was ok. Second also still steady... Third was double shots in one. Which killed me la. Embarassing puke like twice. Then started to be woozzy and sleepy. No letting it take over I forced myself to the dance floor and do what I thought was dancing. Layan la the live band was kind ok and the DJ mix was pumping. Even some head banging with the band. And was easily remembered for my hairband. Still I was totally stoned on the first nite, could barely survived through the supper session. But it was ok, the guys all talking so much crap. Good laughs...

Best was on the last nite... The next change band was playing 1 set as a preview. So last nite I managed to catch 2 bands playing back to back. And the place (Cheerie Berries) was packed ! Which is a good thing... cuci mata. And stand there look pretty. Shy mar me... Hahahaha ! I should probably learn to mix around, apparently ppl in Miri are much more friendlier. But it was alrite I guess... Nothing gain nothing lost.

Damn regret I didn't bring my camera gears to Miri. Would have gotten loads of contacts and totally amazing pic for sure. Plus it is a good tool to break the ice. Being the band's last performance. Possibly just possibly could have gotten some photo shoots opportunity.

Speaking of which....... Went up to Canada Hill, historically the first oil rig in Miri. A beautiful sunset... Without my camera. So this is what I managed to capture.

Just imagine this to be a great place for a strobist model photo shoot. But need to find the model la. Next trip for sure... Please let there be more work trips to Brunei.

Another great view to end my trip... Yoke brought lunch at Piasau Boat Club - hope I got the name right. Dine with the straight view of the beach and the rustling sea breeze...

I truly leave Miri with a heavy heart. Such a laid back place and yet with so many things happening at the same time. Endless thanks to Yoke for hosting me the whole weekend and new found friend, Julian. I'll surely be back and party it out all night...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mind blasted and twisted by brute torque power

I know I know... I should have blogged about the past 2 rides I had over the past 2 weekends. But it has really been a hectic week for me, sleeping at 4am for like 3 nite in a row. Totally tired out... But hey... Work work work aside. The previous weekend had kind of reunion ride with the FAKAWI group. Which was a good meet up with the old kaki kayuh. Another thing unique is that Cycling Asia was covering the ride, kind of doing a write up for FAKAWI. I wonder if there will be any pic of me in the mag ? But hey some cam whore pics...

After ride... Mud bath and sweat soaked.

See this is why u need to wear eye protection.

So this weekend office organized a Family Gathering in FRIM. Nothing to really shout about. It was a ride just Saiful and me, pushed thru the Dream Trail. Pathetic kan... Used to clear those technical sections but now no balls liow.

But the main highlight of my weekend was the car hunting window shopping Sunday. After a craving satisfied Japanese lunch at Rakuzen, with Shannon. After a short break back in Subang Hse to catch the start of the F1 race in Albert Park.

Together with Shannon, too bad Bernard could join, we first went to Mazda showroom in Glenmarie. Which i think is totally fuck up. Coz really the sales guy no doubt layan la but then like as if he is not happy to be working. Didn't help that couldn't test drive the Mazda 3, was start the car also cannot. Macam double standard service la ni...

Then we went to Hyundai coz Shannon wanted to see the new Sonata. But not in the showroom yet... Still the i30 was eye catching ! With a 2.0 power horse but a bit shabby interior, much like proton feel.
Moving on next to Peugeot showroom. Just to see what the 307 turbo has to offer. Anyway I wasn't too keen, just give it a look see. As like the next car.... But like I said, no one layan us cause there was another customer was there with the family. More potential buyer lor.

Now............. Check this out.

Sweet racing stripes... But does it really deserves it ???

Sat inside the car... Then the elderly sales lady immediate asked if I wanted a test drive, so Hell Yeah ! The Ford showroom along Federal Highway is like socmuch more relax...

Test drive... Slowly reverse my way out. Together with another potential buyer, he wanted to feel how comfy it was sitting behind. So car full...

Exiting the showroom main gate. Floor the pedal and damn ! Unexpected wheel spin sialz ! Ok ok... Recompose and reallign the car with the straight clear road ahead. Apa lagi with slight rolling start, put the pedal to the metal... Fuu yoh ! The surge and the turbo kicked in immediately ! Hey... 320Nm worth of brute torque kicking in at 1800rpm ! Shifting in to S mode, to play with the "manual" double clutch 6 speed gears. Instantly felt the 1sec lag in the gear change but it was ok when just running in Sports mode.

Was truly great kept flooring the pedal, to get the turbo surge. But it was more of a straight line speed test. Wasn't much turns and corners for me to test the handling. But Shannon sitting behind said felt a lil body roll. A lil is good enough for me... Nothing some strut bars can't help.

By far it was the best car test drive I ever had.... Reasonably priced. And I think I'll save more than half in fuel expenses. A full tank can stretch for 900km and that's urban and extra urban driving. So I see it going 1000km on a full tank.

I now stand corrected and understand why my uncle kept pushing me to get a diesel powered car. Really powerful low end range and rpm redline at 5000. Cukup la tu since max torque output at 1800rpm.

White is just right. The racing stripe is more obvious and for good reasons...

Damn... Still can't forget the ride... Wanna test drive it again, test out the handling and comfort.

Friday, March 19, 2010


IMG_2492_Twisted, originally uploaded by ::N.Keong::.

Can't help it, but I've just gotto blog / post this shot... Why ? Just cause this shot took no longer than 30 seconds to achieve. To begin with I wasn't involved at all with this studio session. I finished my session earlier, went for lunch and then just dropped by to look - see - look - see. And the more I see the more I likey...

With permission and invitation from the organizers, I was allowed to steal a few shots. Which this happens to be the FIRST shot and the only SHOT that worked !

I then learn that it pays to just sit back and observe... Then took out my camera, snap boom bang ! That's all...

I do need to work on posing the model though... I tried to direct her here and there, but doesn't seem to work. I need new ideas...
That is the GOOD thing about working with experienced models, little effort is put into directing the poses. So I can concentrate more in the actual shooting.

Then again.... what do I know ? I'm just pedaling my way through studio photography...

CREDITS to....
Model : Ashley
Light Setup : Sean Lee and Clarence

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Actually hor... Have to admit that it been a long time since I went on a shopping spree. An actual outing that I enjoy a good shopping therapy. Crazy as it sounds, I do love shopping. Don't mind the endless walks into all possible shops. Honestly... Really nice to dress someone up and make them look good, and I mean good.
Which I've done before and succeeded. But that's another story... I do wonder how she is doing, been a long time I met her. Hope she is getting on fine, after what she been through, she deserved so much better.

Oh well... It was a nice short window shopping after a simple dinner. I am just blogging for the sake of posting. I'm actually brain dead. So I best stop now...

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Forced insomnia

This post is inspired by House S06E14, starts with this girl (who actually looks like an ex-character but can't remember), who just blogged her arguement with her boyfriend... A small arguement of how ppl blog everything about their life. Everything written for all to read on the Internet... How about that ?

POV : Point Of View

Sideline story... Just a fraction of my home workstation. Where office is comfortably at home... As u can see House is playing.

So forced insomia...

I'm actually due for a trip to Kuantan at 5am, a meeting at 10am. Thank goodness I'm not driving so I've decided to stay awake so that I don't over sleep and gonna be sleeping the whole drive to Kuantan.
Which I should be sleeping cause I'm actually falling sick. The signs of sore throat, cough and flam. But hey... I don't know what am I doing actually.

Let's see... I'm brain dead now, not sure what else to write. And I think it is freaky to be blogging your life on the Internet.

My bed is calling... Silk comforter, a precious gift from my mom.